Movie Night

Кино в #LingvoCentre
Join us this week to see “Edward Scissorhands”
Genre: a 1900 American dark fantasy film.
About: in a castle high on top of a hill lives an inventor’s greatest creation – Edward, a near-complete person. The creator died before he could finish Edward’s hands; instead, he is left with metal scissors for hands. Since then, he has lived alone, until a kind lady called Peg discovers him and welcomes him into her home. At first, everyone welcomes him into the community, but soon things begin to take a change for the worse.

Directed by: Tim Burton
Starring: Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder

Language: English
Runtime: 105 minutes
Discussion: after the film.

When: 6 p.m., Friday, 3 February
Venue: Путевая, 1, бизнес-центр IQ, 6 этаж, оф. 614
Entrance: FREE